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True to form with other Kroger brand supermarkets, City Market is a wealth of consumer excellence. However, rather than trumpet the same virtues that we have for Kroger or for Baker’s Supermarkets, for example, we’d really like to take this time with City Market to focus on what makes them unique. There are three specific things we’d like to talk about—and don’t worry, we’ll be sure to mention how City Market coupons apply all throughout—which are their specialty grocery, the Kroger personal finance connection, and their commitment to green living. Each of these facets targets a different customer demographic and a different aspect of why City Market is excellent.

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Let’s work backwards, though, and talk about green living first. Green living is a hot topic among young people and freshly minted middle class families. Living green has to do with increasing recycling and reducing energy consumption. In many ways, it can pay off with savings down the road, but is often more expensive up front to convert to. So why do we think it’s so great that City Market does this? Well, all throughout their green initiatives, City Market has continued to offer City Market coupons. In other words, even though going green might have been initially expensive, they were willing to give up some green even while going green. That’s a strong set of values!


But City Market also connects to the larger Kroger network and looks to help young families and lower income communities, too. The Kroger personal finance services they offer are an important arm of their supermarket business. City Market taps into all the offerings: the 1-2-3 Rewards MasterCard, the prepaid debit cards, the money services, the ID theft protection, and all the rest. And with City Market coupons helping you save money, your interaction with their financial services can only add to an already good experience, financially speaking.


Our last point we want to touch on applies to those individuals and families who might be on the upper tiers of supermarket connoisseurs. City Market doesn’t just believe in being effective at their location; you can actually use City Market’s online specialty grocery services to order brands or products you can’t find in your local store. They have connections to get you all of your heart’s and body’s desires, whether that’s organic, gluten free, or kosher. And as you browse, you might find some City Market coupons that can apply here, too.
All in all, City Market coupons are a great way to get yourself introduced to this excellent chain of stores. City Market supermarkets carry all the bonuses of being a Kroger supermarket, as we’ve noted, but have a few innovations of their own. And when those two things combine, it’s no wonder you’re looking for coupons. After all, you must be one of those loyal customers like we are, who absolutely loves City Market. And since you’re going there anyway, it would be great to save money. Well, we hope you can find those coupons and that you’ll enjoy City Market just as much as we do.