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Food Lion is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, but its presence is limited to the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Now, when we say limited, we don’t mean that it’s small in any way. According to their website, they’ve got over seventy three thousand employees and thirteen hundred stores. That’s a pretty hefty presence. In fact, it’s large enough that the company that owns them is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. But if you’re just looking for Food Lion coupons, what does all the hype about big business matter? Well, it’s fairly simple—Food Lion’s business needs marketing. And marketing is, after all, the reason they make coupons.

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But before we make Food Lion sound like some kind of evil corporate conglomerate, we want to turn to their animal welfare practices. Not only is Food Lion a successful supermarket, they also focus extensively on ensuring that their meats, eggs, and poultry are sourced only from vendors willing to abide by human animal treatment practices. Additionally, they follow sustainable seafood procedures, emphasizing seafood that are not being overfished. In all these ways, Food Lion appears to us to be a very savvy company. So when they release Food Lion coupons, it seems to be just as much for customer care as for building their business.

How do you find Food Lion coupons, then? Well, by reading here, you’re already taking the correct first step. We do a pretty good job of reviewing different supermarkets that you could visit to get the food you need. We take our job seriously, and identify how those supermarkets represent themselves and give as objective of reviews as we can. Of course, if we like a place, we’ll tell you, but it’s all to the end of your being able to pick the right place to shop and get some savings.


Food Lion coupons are available directly from Food Lion through several methods. The first is that Food Lion is on Facebook. While the youthful Facebook generation might roll their eyes at that, the increasingly middle-aged population of the site is probably pretty excited. After all, how better to use your Facebook time than to get coupons? And Food Lion also offers an email newsletter signup and directly visible weekly specials, organized by store, to help you make effective choices about what to buy and how to cut down your costs when you go to Food Lion.

What it all comes down to from our perspective is that Food Lion is indeed a savvy business. They know how to reach their customers, but they also know how to preserve their business integrity. And when you have a browse through the core values they claim to embrace, you’ll see that those values of integrity, development, diversity, and a strong work ethic all seem pretty well reflected in your Food Lion experience. And since they’ve taken those values into the grocery store industry, they’re taking everything into that industry that they can—including their Food Lion coupons.