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Fry’s Food and Drug stores and Fry’s Marketplace stores are most common in Arizona. Fry’s used to be a daughter company of the Fred Meyer series of superstores, but the merger between Fred Meyer and Kroger back in the late 1990s brought Fry’s under the Kroger family (as, of course, it did to Fred Meyer as well). With such a massive corporate umbrella hovering over Fry’s, it would seem that the store would be a more difficult one to deal with. But because of Kroger’s reputation for solid customer service, we’ve found the opposite. In fact, it’s our favorite place to shop in Arizona—though that’s partly because of the Smith’s connection. But we’ll talk about all these brand names throughout the article as we explain more about how you can find your Frys Food coupons.

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Now, we’ve addressed the Fred Meyer and Kroger merger, and we have other articles both on Fred Meyer coupons and on Kroger coupons, but we want to restate that because there are large companies backing Fry’s, there is lots of innovation available, including pretty decent savings most of the time. In fact, the way that Fry’s came to be the brand to be at in Arizona helps show some of that innovation. Fry’s was the Kroger brand in Arizona and Smith’s—we mentioned them—was the Fred Meyer brand. But you’ll be hard pressed to find Smith’s coupons and Smith’s stores in Arizona now, whereas Fry’s Food coupons are pretty easy to locate. Why is that?


Kroger knows about effective branding, so rather than try to make Smith’s and Fry’s compete for business that they really needed to share, they picked the one with the bigger marketing engine behind it: Fry’s. Well, that’s how it looks to us, anyway, and our supposition seems to be borne out by the fact that Fry’s Food coupons are pretty simple to find, as we said. The easiest way to find them? Go to the website.


But because Fry’s Food coupons aren’t always the exact coupons that you need, it’s important to keep in mind that you can use other coupons websites as well. Some websites specialize in information about coupons, such as ours, whereas others try to connect with home pages or coupons pages of individual stores as a way to broaden the reach of those websites’ coupons. Throughout this process, you, the customer, are basically given several opportunities to find the same coupon online in several places. So while it can take some looking, you should be able to find ways to save.
Well, by giving you a little of the history of Fry’s emergence onto the Arizona scene, we hope that we’ve painted a picture that isn’t too confused. You should walk away from this article better able to understand why it’s a little easier to find Fry’s Food coupons than some other coupons, as well as better able to find those coupons. Because in Arizona, even though the sun fries you, Fry’s is what you want.