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We’ve already partially reviewed Harveys when we talked about Food Lion—they’re both owned by the same corporation. However, Harveys has a different flavor than Food Lion supermarkets, and we want to take the time to point that out. First, though, we want to talk about how Harveys benefits from being part of a much larger supermarket chain. Once we’ve addressed that, we’ll talk about how Harvey’s benefits from its own brand identity. And, of course, we’re going to talk about the whole purpose you came here: Harveys coupons. But we’ll talk about coupons all the way through, because they are benefitted both from Harveys identity and their corporate ties.

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 Being part of a larger institution means that Harveys has to buy into solid values or else risk being ejected and trampled under corporate feet. And while that kind of cutthroat capitalism could be scary if Harveys owners were only concerned with making a buck, what we’ve found about this food business—the same ones that own Food Lion—is that they really are concerned about building a great business, and not just about selling their merchandise. For that reason, when you find Harveys coupons, you don’t need to struggle between your desire to save and your desire to promote quality corporations. You can do both at once.


But Harveys coupons are really more about the savings than about the business anyway. But if it turns out that you absolutely love your Harveys experience, they have a unique and clever way for you to save in addition to the coupons. This way, a little more focused on their business, is through their Hometown Rewards Key. This is your standard customer loyalty rewards card, except that it’s in the shape of a key, to help you remember to keep it with your keys so you’ve always got it when you go shopping.




And that’s just the first of Harvey’s individual branding techniques. Take, for example, what we noted about Food Lion’s Facebook savviness. While Harveys certainly is involved in social media and email marketing—incidentally, both are fantastic ways to get Harveys coupons—they also do their own coupon creation and marketing. That struck us as a really important aspect of Harveys. When you visit their website, one of the menu tabs right there on the left-hand side is for coupons. This suggests to us that they know about what their customers are after, and it’s not just good food. After all, good food tastes even better with good savings.
Both with their individual brand identity and their corporate ties, then, Harveys has all the makings of a supermarket that can meet your every need. And they’re more than just a supermarket, too; they’re a community presence. That’s the last thing we wanted to point out. By using Harveys coupons and shopping at Harveys, you’re supporting a business that publicizes its public involvement. They have the resources and the desire to help feed the hungry and support our troops. And if that, as well as everything we’ve addressed, doesn’t make them admirable, we don’t know what else could.