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As with the majority of supermarkets, Pavilions is owned by a larger parent company that makes sure they meet the standards set for them. In the case of Pavilions, it’s an interesting two-tier process to get to the big boss. Pavilions is an upscale version of Vons grocery stores, creating an informal chain of command in that respect. But Vons is a significant division within Safeway, resulting in a direct line to the top management and organization. The unique features of Pavilions are threefold: their upscale products, as already mentioned, their geographical location, and their significant community involvement. And each of these factors facilitates your ability to make use of Pavilions coupons.

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Pavilions is, as noted, a subsidiary of Safeway by way of Vons. Vons stores run much like Pavilions stores, except that the latter has several features that are unique to them. First, they are more likely to have gourmet or specialty foods. Included in this is often a wider selection of wines than at the usual grocery store. Additionally, though, Pavilions all have full service pharmacies—and this is true of all three dozen or so locations. Now, while you might not be able to find Pavilions coupons for the pharmacies, wouldn’t it be great to get an expensive cheese at a much more manageable price?


Of course, you would only be entering into this question if you were from southern California, the sole location of all Pavilions stores. In fact, we think that the bastion of middle class folks in many southern California suburbs is what allows for Pavilions to thrive down there. (And probably it’s the reason for the wider array of wines.) But since you are from southern California, you’re already well acquainted with the great grocery store that is Pavilions. In fact, you may have already found and used Pavilions coupons. If not, though, you should definitely watch your snail mail and your Internet advertising. Because Pavilions is so geographically located, you might be able to locate coupons by happy accident.


However, you sometimes need to take a more direct approach. Perhaps that is your goal now. If so, the great thing about Pavilions is that they really want to foster a community with their shoppers. If you go to the Pavilions home page, you’ll find opportunities to sign up for email newsletters, follow them on Twitter, view their weekly specials, and print out Pavilions coupons. These Internet coupons and printable coupons are available through other locations, too, such as coupons websites.
But as we said, the third thing that makes Pavilions unique is their community involvement. Between an interest in environmentalism and animal rights and their commitment to cancer research, they really do come across as an upscale, cutting edge grocery store that fits right into the Southern California picture. As you look for Pavilions coupons then, remember that. If you prefer to look for coupons on non Pavilions websites, you will likely find them in websites appealing to a more upscale audience. And with that, you’ll get the upscale groceries you want.